Own it!

Everything is temporary. Everything! Your emotions, thoughts, people, and your environment. Does that scare you? Well it should and it should also be comforting. In yoga we play with our “edge”, we hold poses till we think we just might die! But why?  So we can grow from it, as in life when you take your practice off your mat. We work hard, we strive, we get put down then we rise, we put ourselves through life’s rollercoasters all to gain life experiences, and all to gain more, to truly live!!

During my recent yoga training, we had a series of exercises that forced me to look deep within. Some of these exercises may have brought up uncomfortable thoughts, feelings, even towards negative and dark  things  that you’d least expect going through a yogi workshop. I discovered the beauty of  embracing the uncomfortable, It may not have been the main goal for everyone else there, but this spoke out to me the most. I have found that through my personal practice I’ve come out of those dark places and into a whole new light. I am soooo thankful for yoga just for that alone.

You see the saying “Let go” plenty these days, but do we really know how to or what it means for each of us individually?  I’ve found that from reflecting with my past, I gained the appreciation of growth and more “the blessing” of letting go. Letting go of what no longer serves me. This personal timeline of my life from frequently feeling scattered, lost, reaching the point where I had a completely soulless nature about me, and basically living with out purpose. I then came to gently find a new way of breathing and living in this world, It was by  taking risks, which I was quite used to with my super rebellious heart, but these risks were different they weren’t selfish they were for self love, empowerment, growth, and I gained a kind of self accountability that I could be sure of. I could be sure of me! I discovered my purpose! and I continue to rediscover myself every single day,  I struggle with uncertainty, worry,  and big rushes of anxiety, but knowing whose in control now, knowing where my heart stands and loving who I am despite it all is why I know life’s worth LIVING.  So let me ask you, What are you really living for?!

Life is what we make it, so Own it!

With Metta,