“NO EXCUSES!” – So these two words have been ringing in my ears for the past few days…even months…. & years… At times we find ourselves in these cycles where we say we’re gonna start something  like eating healthy, getting to the gym EVERY DAMN DAY, putting aside some “me time”, ETC… Well whatever it is, Why not make life a bit easier and help yourself jumpstart all your excuses away!!

Here’s my Summer 21 day Yoga Challenge just for you!!!

I’ll be guiding you through some poses, flows, and meditations to encompass the act of opening your heart. You can do this just about anywhere! This isn’t just a physical challenge, It’s all of you! Mind, body, & soul! SO JUMP IN LETS GO!!

……..DAY 1……………………………………………………………………………………………………


rəˈflekSH(ə)n/ :a fixing of the thoughts on something; careful consideration; meditation.
Thats right a small dose of  MEDITATION! So if you’ve never meditated before, It’s ok! Here’s your chance to try it for the first time!
There are a number of health benefits to meditation, which is why there is such an increase of meditation practices in businesses & big corporations.
Studies have shown that providing meditation classes significantly helps to improve work productivity, increase levels of happiness, and improvements in general health for their employees.
Meditation has been known to help with: Stress, increased attention span, improves functioning in the brain, better sleep, increases metabolism and helps you lose weight, increases immune function to help fight off diseases, makes you happy and others around you happier too, helps you feel more connected, reduces aging, and the list goes on….
       This meditation practice is called  The Metta Bhavana  (Metta -meaning Love and Bhavana- meaning development or cultivation) other wise called the  Loving Kindness meditation. 
Metta Bhavana Meditation comes in 5 stages, each should last about 5 minutes or so, and can be practiced daily!
(You can use a timer, I use a meditation timer app I downloaded on my phone that rings chimes/bells to let me know when my time is up.)
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.03.14 PM.png
1. Find a place where you can sit comfortably on the floor, make sure all distractions are set aside.
2. close your eyes and begin to notice everything you are feeling, thinking, and hearing.
3. Notice your breath, begin to slow the breath to a steady, full, and deep  inhale and exhale trying to make both parts equal to each other in length. Try taking 5 full breaths once you arrive in your seat.
4. Once you feel like you’ve settled your mind and built a connection of focus to the present moment, begin the stages of Metta Bhavana:
1st stage :  You feel Metta towards yourself, starting to become MORE aware of yourself, embracing yourself with feelings of love and kindness, which then turn into strength and confidence as your practice deepens. You can have a visual of yourself glowing filling full with this strong feeling overflowing in your heart, or repeat a phrase like, “May I be happy and well” to yourself.
 2nd stage: Think of a good friend- and embrace these same thoughts and feelings towards them, making a straight connection beaming from your heart to theirs; you can repeat, ” May they be happy and well.”
3rd stage: Think of someone you do not particularly like or dislike. Your feelings are ‘neutral’. This may be someone you do not know well but see around, You reflect on their humanity, and include them in your feelings of metta.
4th stage:Think of someone you actually dislike; an “enemy”, traditionally someone you are having difficulty with. Trying not to get caught up in any feelings of hatred, think of them positively and send your metta to them as well.
5th stage: You think of all 4 people together:  your friend, the ‘neutral’, the enemy, including yourself and extend that love even further to all beings, to everyone around you, send good loving waves to all beings in the world. Then gradually relax out of meditation and bring it to an end.
Heart opening practices prepare you for whats next! Starting with this meditation helps us to not only open our hearts to ourselves and others, but helps us to reflect on what makes us happy, to be thankful for all of it, and to be grateful to be who we are EACH AND EVERYDAY!


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