Yoga challenge Day 5! YAY!

Welcome to day 5! Today’s challenge is the fish pose-Matsyasana 

BENEFITS: Improves posture, strengthens upper back and neck, stretches your deep hip flexors, intercostals, front of your neck,  abdominals, and stimulates the organs of your belly and throat. Therapeutic for respiratory issues and stress.


Start laying flat on your back with legs straight and palms face down under your hips.

1. Inhale and lift your chest and head away from your mat; arch your chest until you are sitting halfway up. Then, release your head back onto the floor. 

2.Keep your legs straight and thighs active, reaching out through your heels.

3. Support your weight on your forearms and elbows NOT on your head. Either the back or top (crown) of your head will rest on the floor, depending on how high your chest is arched.

4. Take 3-6 full breaths in this pose.

5. To gently come out of the pose, exhale and lower your torso to the mat, activating the thighs and abdominals to do so.
Enjoy this truly uplifting pose! As you continue with this heart opening challenge, take a moment to notice…. how you’re feeling, what serves you and what doesn’t; Excepting and understanding the constant changes we can and can’t control allows us to be free.    CHEERS to feeling blessed and less stressed!!

NAMASTÉ my friends.

Help me grow! I appreciate and welcome all feedback!!! 

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