ACT instead of REACT-Ujjayi Pranayam- yogachallenge DAY 6

Hi everyone Welcome to day 6! 


Today’s challenge encompasses Patanjali’s teachings from the Yoga Sutras 1.2 ” Yoga chitta vritti nirodahah” , which translates to  “Yoga is calming the fluctuations of the mind”

So how do you quiet this “mind chatter”?? My yoga practice considerably improved once I learned the importance of the breath. Our breath or “prana” is our life force. I was taught if you’re not breathing your not doing yoga! #TRUTH! It’s ok if you’re thinking, “We use our breath in our yoga practice  to do what exactly???

Here you go!!

Your challenge today is to practice an ancient yogic breath practice called Ujjayi (“victorious”) Pranayama (breath control), This type of breathing is both energizing and relaxing. This isn’t just for your yoga practice, it can be done off the mat too.

Ujjayi Pranayam Benefits: Releases feelings of irritation and frustration, builds energy and focus, oxygenates the blood, builds internal body heat, regulates blood pressure, detoxifies the mind and body, Increases feelings of presence, self-awareness, and meditative qualities.

How To:

Start by noticing your natural breath…

1.Begin deepening it with long smooth inhales and exhales from your nose. Your lips remain sealed and the back of the throat slightly constricted, this creates heat in your body.This breath is very audible and produces an oceanic like sound, because of the constriction in the back of your throat.

2.Be sure your inhalations are full and equal to your exhalations, letting the breath fill you completely till you can’t fill anymore, and letting it out smoothly and contracting the belly as it exits the body.(Imagine filling up a glass of water from the bottom to the top and then pouring it out)

Ujjayi Pranayama will move you, it will help you create space, and bring an awareness to your entire body, self, and the present moment. Use it the next time you need to regulate some tension, need a deeper focus, and improve your practice.

If you’re not sure if you’re doing it correctly…. check out a video like this one from Kino MacGregor’s video below: