It’s human nature to form habits, The good and the bad, I’m sure we’ve all tasted a bit of both. However you define success in your own life, building the right habits is the path that will lead you there.

You’ll either have to take some giant leaps or tiny steps depending on how far you are going, but you must first believe! I haven’t always known where I wanted to go, at times I didn’t even care. So yes I’ve had to take some giant leaps…..like GIANT to even get where I am today, talk about endless things to be thankful for! *big cheesy smile*

Some steps to consider:

“Accountability”- it’s not just a mindset it’s also a skill-set that everyone can learn. HELLOOOoooo?! I’m talking to you!!! Wherever you are in life right now lost or found, Please read the following:

1.Be 100% responsible for everything in your life, good or bad. No one else can literally hold your hand through life, cause that would be not living at all.

2.Recognize your power and deal with what is now. The past is the past. You have now!

3.Don’t wait on someone else or something, Self- empowerment is what you possess! Step outside your comfort zone and take risks! realize how bad you want it!

4.Manage your expectations, you should know yourself best. Make a plan of action, write it down, and find clarity in your choices.

5.When trouble arises, look first to yourself. Ask four specific questions: “What is the problem?” “What am I doing—or not doing—to contribute to the problem?” “What will I do differently to help solve the problem?” and “How will I be accountable for the result?”

6.Be honest & Stay humble. There’s no doubt that you’ll find your way to your own successes, do it from the heart and know that it is in yourself that true happiness lies.