DAY 11. Inhale Exhale Release- Fwrd Fold

Welcome to day 11! It’s time to let go. Let’s be thankful for the laws of gravity! Today’s pose is the Foward fold-Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend). You don’t need to be flexible, you only need to try and breathe….IMG_3489

There are tons of benefits!! First of all, it’s an inversion, letting blood flow to your upper body allows the heart to pump harder affecting your cardiovascular system (oxygenates the blood/removal of waste/ transport of nutrients) including others like the lymphatic system (immune system), endocrine (regulate hormones/ metabolism), and the central nervous system (connecting the body and mind and its functions the brain and the spinal cord)  Wow right?! So when we invert, whether in headstand, handstand, or just feet propped up on the wall you are letting all these functions in your body work and release.

The idea here is that sometimes our simpler practices are the most effective.

Let yourself fold at the hips and gently release the crown of your head to the floor, let it become heavy , release compression in your spine, arms can dangle or grasp opposite elbows, your legs can be softly bent,and just breath and let go…