TIME to SQUEEZE your way through these poses-Pleaseeee Get your block out for this challenge!

Using a yoga block in your practice can help train, stretch, and strengthen certain muscles. Today we’re using it to concentrate on your inner thighs & core! *Remember one breath to movement.


hi BOAT to low –Navasana

  1. Start in your boat pose w/ the block squeezed btwn your thighs. (legs can be bent or straight for more intensity.
  2. Inhale lower down to hover shoulder blades and toes off the floor. keep squeezing, belly in, chest open, & shoulders blades together.
  3. Exhale push all the air out and come back UP to starting position. Do this 10x for 3 reps


Extended chair pose-UTKATASANA

  1. Start in your chair pose with a block btwn your thighs and another held above your head with palms facing each other. Inhale keep your chest open, fingers reaching high, sink low with your hips, putting the weight in your heels and glutes.
  2. Exhale to straight legs, rise up to your toes and fold at the waist reaching your top block forward as your fold half way, keeping a flat back.
  3. Balancing to stay on your toes, keep the weight steady with your hips pulling back and the crown of your head shooting forward;like you’re about to dive into the pool.
  4. Repeat this 10x, 3 reps

V up exchange-

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  1. Start in low boat holding a block above your head. Inhale reaching and stretching both directions through your toes and fingers.
  2. Exhale CRUNCH! bring legs and arms up parallel to meet exchanging the block btwn your legs.
  3. Inhale bring it down to hover. Be conscious of your movements, make them precise; staying connected to your breath! and don’t forget to smile 🙂
  4.  REPEAT this 10x 3 reps!



psstt!!! We’re working our powerhouse tomorrow too!! get ready for more CORE!!