Welcome to DAY 17 of the challenge today’s pose is  wheel! ( Urdhva Dhanurasana-upward bow)image

photocred-YOng HO:)

BENEFITSHUGEheartopener!  Stretches the chest and lungs, and strenghtens the back, arms, legs, wrists, and core. It stimulates hormonal glands and increases energy & helps to counteract depression. 


START on your back with knees bent and feet hip width apart.

-Bend your elbows  and spread your fingers wide for support and place them on both sides of your head under your shoulders, fingers pointing to your feet.

-Inhale press into your feet lift your hips and tailbone up to the sky and raise to rest lightly onto the crown of your head

-straighten your arms and even come to tiptoes! Let the strength come from your core and legs.

-To come out let your shoulders come down first and then gently lay down your back one vertebrae at a time starting from your neck down.