DAY 19 !! Dolphin​ to Headstand!

Hello!! Welcome to day 19 of the yoga challenge!

Today I will guide through a series of poses to get you on your way to headstand practice! Please don’t feel intimidated if you’ve never even tried it. I thought I would never get there and it would take years on top of years to even get close to a headstand, but I did it! and you so can you! Below on the right is my super supportive other half  doing his thang!! If you’re in need of highly skilled personal trainer that will work to get you the results you’ve been dreaming of plus shape a diet plan for your specific needs please check him out at & for serious inquiries contact him directly at !!

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DOLPHIN POSE Benefits: strengthen your core, upper body, great preparation for inversions.

How to: Start from downward-facing dog and come down to your forearms (forearms are shoulder width apart), walk your feet as close to your head as possible to get the feel of your hips above your head, this is where your balance will be challenged, just remember to connect with your breath and engage the belly.

Tuck and play– This exercise will help you understand the feeling of engaging your core and the tucking in motion that will help you get comfortable being inverted but still safely low to the ground. Please make sure to protect your neck with proper alignment.

1.Keep your shoulders stacked above your elbows, fingers interlace to cup the back of your head to make a proper steady base.

2.Once you lift off with your feet from dolphin to a tucked position feel the weight of body being distributed throughout your base your head will lift slightly so the weight is in your arms.

3.Practice tucking and lifting your thighs slightly then work to lift more as you feel more comfortable- this is a great core workout!!

Do you need a prop? Remember we can use a wall! Here I used a tripod variation of my head down and palms flat .

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To get to headstand——>>>>> From a tucked position squeeze your inner thighs together spread your toes wide as your lift your legs up with control.

(I would advise NOT swinging your legs up and hoping you’ll just end up in the form, which may likely result in a flip instead) If you fall over, get back up its part of the learning process! When learning to do something new remember that you are your best teacher!!! So start where you feel comfortable, build patience with yourself and BREATHE…..

Enjoy! Namaste Yogis!!! 🙂