dAY 20! R&R for Neck, Shoulders, & Wrists.

Welcome to day 20 of the STAYGOLDEN CHALLENGE!! Today we’ll concentrate on counterposes to release pressure in your neck, shoulders, and wrists.

We create plenty of tension in our upper body especially in our necks just from our daily chores, yoga practice,time spent on electronic devices, driving here and there, child care, work stress,  and stress in general it all rides up and makes us feel stiff and achy. It’s time to release all that and let it rest!

*You’ll need two yoga blocks and a blanket for extra cushion.

Start with a seated meditation to allow yourself to arrive, Close your eyes and take a few relaxing deep breaths. Start to notice what your body is telling you, release all other thoughts and let yourself settle in.

………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Great! Let’s begin 🙂


1.Shoulder, chest, and back opener w/ blocks-

  • Place one block underneath your shoulder blades and the other for your head to rest on.
  • Lay down with knees bent. Lay your arms to the sides with palms facing up to the sky.
  • Close your eyes and breathe long and deep as your body opens and releases into the pose.

2.Shoulder release in child’s pose with two blocks-

  • Get into child’s poses . Start in tabletop (on hands and knees)position and bring your hips back to your heels and toes come together as you release tension from your lower back.
  • Place one block under each arm. Your upper arms and elbows will rest on the blocks, you can adjust where the blocks best suit you depending on how tight your shoulders are feeling.
  • Your head will come to rest between both blocks onto your mat or just at a hover, Let your neck relax.
  • Elbows bend as hands come into prayer behind our neck.
  • Stay here and breathe. 5-10 breaths

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3. Thread the needle- For your neck and shoulders.

  • Start in tabletop (on hands and knees)
  • Inhale raise your right arm up to the sky opening your chest to the right
  • Exhale thread in under your chest and rest your right ear and shoulder onto the mat.
  • Your left arm can lay straight above your head or wrap around your back to catch your right hip crease for an even deeper opening.
  • Keep your hips up and back and breathe.
  • repeat on the other side with the left arm.

4. Seated neck release-

  • Sit comfortably , with your spine long and face forward
  • Let your right ear rest on your right shoulder and place a small amount of pressure with your hand or fingers gently giving some weight for a deeper stretch.
  • BREATHE & repeat to the other side.
  • Add bending forward with your chin to your chest and backward to look up
  • Be gentle with your neck and move slowly through each stretch.

5. Behind the back clasp for shoulder stretch-

  • Sit comfortably on your shins
  • Inhale your LEFT arm high and bend your elbow. Your left-hand reaches back to touch the area right below your neck. Your left elbow is pointed up to the sky.
  • Reach your right arm out to the right and bend your elbow to bring  your right hand behind your back to meet the left.
  • Both finger tips can clasp. Option to grasp a towel or yoga strap to help if touching fingertips is beyond your reach.
  • Sit up nice and tall and breathe.
  • repeat on the otherside.

6. Forward fold with knees bent and hands clasped- neck 

  • Bend your knees and fold forward at the hips
  • Let your head come down heavy and dangle elongating your spine.
  • Interlace your fingers and gently cup the back of your head right above your neck, putting a small amount of pressure to release your neck.

-shoulders and neck release

  • Stand tall and interlace your fingers behind your back, Inhale and open your chest as your shoulders open and shoulder blades squeeze together.
  • Bend your knees and fold forward at the hips
  • Continue squeezing your shoulder blades and opening your shoulders.
  • Your clasped hands should be reaching back behind you to deepen the stretch. Breathe here….

Table top wrist release-

  • Start in tabletop positions
  • Flip over your left hand. The top of your hand is touching the mat and your fingertips are facing towards the back.
  • Add pressure to stretch your wrists by gentle moving hips back.
  • There should be no sharp pain so only go as far as your body allows.
  • Repeat with the other side.