Embrace this space.

Hello beautiful yogis!! I’ve been learning and adjusting so much of how my time is spent lately and as I reflect on what I’ve learned from it and about myself is that once again gratitude IS the best gift. You can plan all you want for your future, long term short term, but there’s no clearer outcome if you don’t ” embrace this space” the “here and now.” 

We sometimes get shifted in our hearts about people, loved ones, our careers, that it gets foggy and we begin to question everything….. 

The best answer I can give you is “Stop! Breathe…. Again…. Till you know and acknowledge that you are greater than all your obstacles, you know what’s best for yourself no matter how crazy the fluctuations can get in your mind and just know that you are exactly where you need to be right now as long as you EMBRACE THIS SPACE.”

Live with intention in all that you do and in all the you breath in. 

Good vibes good vibes…. More to come!!! I’m breaking out some yummy recipes for the everyday and especially encompasing the next season:)