If you’re looking to expand and deepen your practice or to try yoga for the very first time I invite you to book a complimentary 15 min meet and greet to discuss your desires and personal healthy lifestyle goals with me.


9 thoughts on “TESTIMONIALS

  1. I can’t say enough good things about Stay Golden Yoga. If I could give it 3 thumbs up, I would! Mona offers personalized and professional yoga instructions. She is knowledgable, friendly, and flexible to my needs. She provides a very relax, but energizing environment. Her practice is both inspiring and BEAUTIFUL to witness and be a part of. Thanks again Mona for making my practice better every time! Namaste

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  2. Mona is an amazing yoga teacher. She inspires you, teaches you and work with you so that your body and mind can really enjoy yoga. She is very knowledgeable and loves to share this beautiful art.

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  3. All of my previous yoga experiences have been with Bikram yoga. Although that was great, Ive never felt the benefits of yoga as I did with Mona’s classes. I’d come out feeling refreshed (instead of exhausted), feeling like I could take on anything the rest of the day would bring. I talked to her before class and told her all the funny things I was feeling in my body and after the class was over, I’d completely work through all of them. I recommend her to all my friends.

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  4. Mona demonstrates great enthusiasm, patience, and love of Yoga. She makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable in her classes. I highly recommend her as an instructor.

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  5. Beauty, calmness, spiritual and good vibes with Mona. She makes sure that you are super comfortable at all times and doesnt expect perfect but a goal to where to want be.
    Loving the positive energy 🙂

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  6. Mona is awesome she exudes peace and tranquility through her yoga. You can tell she’s really passionate about teaching and I highly recommend you take her class!

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  7. As a beginner of yoga, I was always nervous to take a class thinking I couldn’t do it. Mona invited me to take her class and my first experience was great! She had the perfect music, environment, and soothing sound of her voice. It was all very relaxing. I’ve taken a few classes and would highly recommend her!

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  8. Mona is such an inspiration as a person, a fellow yogi and as a yoga instructor. I took one of her restorative yoga classes last week and not only felt deeply stretched and relaxed but also more positive in general because of the vibes she exudes. She is so caring, creative and well-educated that it is truly an incredible experience taking one of her classes. I wish I lived closer in VA (I live in MD) but it’s always worth the drive to have a chance to do yoga with her. She’s golden!!!

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