Yin Yoga for Athletes


Yin Yoga is happening at District Barbell!!! Sign up for class today!  Sundays @ 11:15 am & Mon.- Wed. @ 12p.Tues 6:30pm

   WHY? YIN is IN…

Yin yoga is the one practice that not only focuses on tight overworked muscles, but the practice targets the deep connective tissues and the fascia; The whole matrix of muscles, bones, nerves and blood vessels of the body.  Long held postures allow tension release, increased circulation, increased flexibility, and overall relaxation in the mind and body, which is something your beloved foam roller can’t do. As students move through each pose and muscle group, the practice can often highlight areas of imbalance and tension in the body that would not otherwise receive attention.

The benefits include:

  • relieve back pain
  • greater mobility
  • joint stability
  • longer and stronger connective tissues
  • increased flexibility
  • decrease anxiety and reduce stress

Don’t be fooled by thinking this is an easy practice…. Yin yoga targets areas in the body that need release, so the practice can bring some discomfort, getting comfortable and reaching our edge helps train the mind to see past the physical aspects and look deeper inside ourselves. Building an awareness of inner strength and endurance to the way we allow ourselves to react to any situation in life on and off our mats.

Yin is…

Ready to start your Yin practice? Check the schedule and register for class!

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