All Stay Golden Yoga’s products are all natural pure therapeutic grade, handcrafted, and full of love.


***Brightening Geranium Moisturizer- This moisturizer does it all! It regenerates old tired skin cells and brings them back to life, aids in inflammation, troubled skin and has a built in toner by promoting even distribution of melanin. 4oz

  • 4oz dropper- $18
  • 2oz dropper -$14
  • Bring our used bottle back and save $2 on your purchase!!

***Indiglow Serum- ((Crafts & Cocktails Special)) –  tightens, tones, moisturizes, balances, calms.  Aids w/dark spots, blemishes, cell regeneration, relaxing, & grounding ( great before yoga practice)  powerful firming action, & keeps oil levels balanced.

  • 4oz dropper- $18
  • 2oz dropper -$14
  • Bring our used bottle back and save $2 on your purchase!!

***Flow Myst- An all in one!! Intense yoga mat freshener, bad vibe killer, pre or post work out body myst!! Choose from 4 blends

  • #1 HIIFLOW- Energizing floral and citrus notes to excite the senses
  • #2 WORKITOUT- crisp, clean, minty, great for a pre-workout to clear the fog and post-work out set you off feeling fresh, think “mint julep.”
  • #3 HUM- good vibes blend, earthy, chill, grounded, focused, notes of frankincense, and sandalwood.(( Hum is the sound of your 5th chakra, it relates to creativity, speaking your inner truth and is one of my faves over all ))
  • #4 PRETTY- Blushing with floral scents, motivating,
  • #5 LAX- relaxing, calming, gently and soft notes that make you feel like this could last forever
  • #6 OUTDOOR RELIEF BUG SPRAY-  Shooooo those pesky bugs away with this outdoor relief bug spray, also great for refreshing the skin, with an added cooling effect. Enjoy being in nature again!


  • 8oz – $14
  • 4oz -$12
  • Bring our used bottle back and save $2 on your purchase!!


*** Scrub & BOMB-(( crafts & cocktails special ))- relax tired hands and feet after a long day, or use as a full body exfoliater.


  1. Lavender and lemongrass-  calming, soothing, relaxing for sleep, aids skin irritations & sensitivities, promotes a positive outlook.
  2. Bergamot and Rosemary- orange, spicy, uplifting, calming, skin purifying, reduce nervous tension, and occasional fatigue. Aroma: Camphoraceous, Herbaceous.
  3. REMEDY– relieves sore muscles, body aches, and supports a healthy immune and respiratory blend. (camphor, eucalyptus, cinnamon, peppermint and other essential oils)

More flavors coming soon!

  • SCRUB- made from raw sugar, essential oils, calming moisturizers, and gently purifying salves . -4oz $18
  • BOMB- bath bombs come in a mix of small medium and large you get 5 total w/ your purchase, safe for children. – $20





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